2012 O Level English Oral Exam Topics and Questions

19 Aug 2012

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Lin Guoyao
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2012 O Level English Oral Exam Topics and Questions

These are the topics and questions contributed by my students who sat for their respective English oral exams. This list serves as a general guide only.

Day 1 (15 August 2012)

Topic: Childcare

Conversation Questions

  1. What do you want to do when you grow up?
  2. What do you think about early childhood Education
  3. How can the education standard in developing countries be improved?


Day 2 (16 August 2012)

Topic: Food Court and Working Elderly

Conversation Questions

  1. What is your favourite eating?
  2. Do you like fast food?
  3. What are some possible problems the elderly might face when they retire?
  4. How can an elderly plan for his and her retirement?


Day 3 (17 August 2012)

Topic: Fitness, Marathon, Charity

Conversation Questions

  1. How do you keep fit?
  2. ​Do you think charity is important?


Day 4 (21 August 2012)

Topic: Protest Meeting in Community Centre

Conversation Questions

  1. Have you ever gotten involved in a community / local event?
  2. ​What is a local matter in your community?
  3. Do you think it is important to maintain the environment?


Day 5 (22 August 2012)

Topic: TBA

Conversation Questions

  1. How was your first day of school?
  2. TBA





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